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Lap Restaurants is dedicated to achieving the highest standard of operational excellence in the quick service restaurant (QSR) business. We take every aspect of our business seriously – from the rigorous enforcement of health safety standards by our dedicated Food Safety Coach to the meticulous examination of daily operating metrics by our in-house operational analytics group.
We achieve this level of excellence by working hard to maintain a culture that is inclusive, fair, introspective and fun. This allows us to maintain a culture of employees that love what they do.

Management Focus
At Lap Restaurants, we emphasize the importance of management as a proficiency. We strive to develop management ability in every one of our employees, to promote the employees we develop, and to give them the authority and autonomy to accomplish the best results. We study, train, evaluate and re-train to constantly sharpen managerial skills such as motivation, communication, team building and attention to detail, while maintaining humility with respect to the significant responsibility of serving our customers and one another.

In-House Capability
Lap Restaurants maintains its in-house staff and facilities to provide the best possible resources for our employees to learn and succeed – from our Training Department and training facility to in-house maintenance personnel that can quickly repair equipment and other problems in our stores. Lap Restaurants's internal resources also include our own 24-hour IT Department to respond to store level technology concerns, a dedicated Food Safety Coach, and a Human Resources Department.

High Standards
At Lap Restaurants, we hold ourselves to the highest professional and operational standards. We constantly solicit feedback from our employees and customers, and are diligent in updating our policies and procedures to ensure that our workplaces are safe and comfortable, that employee satisfaction is high, and that our customers receive the best products and service possible.

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